marți, 10 iunie 2014

Moldova begins to boil

Government in Chisinau, dreaming of great European achievement, do not see or do not see that anti-European forces begin to destabilize the situation in Moldova. Today I read in the press that Formuzal Garbuz and other agents of Moscow's influence did band together. The so-called "Patriots of Moldova" Moldova will break into pieces. I see priests and Vladimir are involved in this plan. They will do anything to prevent signing. This strengthens my belief that the recent shootings are not in vain. Part of the plan. Sure as Dodon and Tcaciuc are involved in this business. Why government in Chisinau do nothing? In case of conflict, the current Moldovan political class would vote for union with Romania? What will be the reaction of Bucharest? There are very few days and we must be attentive to the fullest. Anytime we can expect something.

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