marți, 25 august 2015

Between mocking and electoral gain.

It announces a hot autumn in terms of protests in Moldova. It is the famous protest of 6 September. Today, I saw the news that the Socialists led by Igor Dodon announced protests. It will keep districts. The first protest will be held on 27 August, that on Independence Day. Dodon said that Moldova is not  an independent state. It is a state captured. Is right ! Only he does not say that is captured by the Russians. Russian Army is on the Dniester in 1992. It is in the form of "peace". At the political level pro-Russian forces are very strong. Igor Dodon himself leading one of them. I do not even trust those who declare themselves pro-European. Not to mention characters like Renato Usatîi or Ilan Shor. Valeriu Streleţ, Prime Minister of Moldova, derided the words of Dodon. I, if I were in his place, do not do this. Status of discontent in the population greatly increases. This gesture of Streleţ can do more harm current government. The idea for that Igor Dodon will win more electorate, and one with which I agree, is the election by the population. The problem is that in this case he will win the presidential elections If not him, then Renato Usatîi. They are best rated. The Pro- Europeans were discredit . However, a surprise might do if  will run  Maia Sandu. Leanca started losing.

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