marți, 11 august 2015

Danger on September 6.

On 6 September in Chisinau, capital of Moldova, will organize a big protest.They will protest against price rises for gas and electricity. A very fair. The problem is that with the Civic Platform "Dignity and Truth" is possible to participate and Antifa group. Antifa is a terrorist organization. Behind this organization stands Petrenco. It is a former Communist deputy. Now this Petrenco, calling people to participate in the protest on 6 September. This Civic Platform says it is pro-European. Then what is the connection with Petrenko and Antifa? They are pro-Russian.More than that , Petrenko is now friends with his former party colleague, Igor Dodon, leader of the Socialist Party. It seems that all these groups are preparing something on September 6. It is not something good.It is possible to repeat the scenario of 7 April 2009. If we are not careful, we may find that pro-Russian forces seize power by force. Innocent people will die, just like on 7 April 2009. It is a well organized plan.

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