miercuri, 12 august 2015

Socialists only advantage

We have heard today, the show "The point today," former Socialist deputy, current alderman in Chisinau Ion Ceban. From what he  talked I realized that the Socialists do nothing but take advantage  from the mistakes made by the current government in Moldova. Dorin Chirtoaca, mayor of Chisinau, should not rejoice too much. The vote was not a pro- Chirtoaca, but an anti Greceanii. The samethe same would have happened   if another candidate was pro-European. It should stop the destruction of green spaces in the city. He manages a city with a huge tourism potential. The problem is that it destroys that potential.The same happens at the national level. Socialists advantage of the political chaos and economic meltdown in Moldova. Ion Ceban said today that the best would be to hold early elections as soon as possible. It is also normal! In case of early elections, they will gain posted. It will be good just for them. For people will be worse.

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