vineri, 14 august 2015

They deserve this money?

Starting next year, the Moldovan political parties receive state funding. Most money will receive PD, PLDM, PCRM. Is it really worth the money? Plahotniuc somehow remain poor and no longer afford to fund the party?! No longer Filat's business going?! Oleg Voronin has no money to give to his father?! PD and PLDM  were in power when  it was stole  the billion. PL will take less than Usatîi and  Socialists party. I for one do not complain nor the Liberals. The Dodon and Usatîi not speak. Better would give this money to independent candidates. Why does a candidate like Oleg Brega not deserve ?! I say it's worth. Moldova is in  a powerful crisis. With this money could accomplish many things. This expenditure will seriously affect the economy of Moldova.

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