sâmbătă, 19 septembrie 2015

A new plan to destabilize the situation?

LDP lawmaker Peter Ştirbate left. It accused the party, but the entire government Chisinau, that is in a serious crisis of credibiltate. One thing perfectly true. The current government in Chisinau is very serious trouble. Corruption at the highest level in Moldova.
The surprise is that the one who announced his departure from the party Ştirbate was just ... Renato Usatîi !!! He hinted that he persuaded him to leave the party. Pro-European parties to form a narrow majority Moldovan Parliament. A majority which shows signs of weakening. Ştirbate Peter says he still supports Moldova's European course .. Have you talked to Usatîi? Do not we surprise to wake Year's party entered parliament Usatîi back door. There could be other MPs to leave power.
We remember that last year a few people who were arrested were sent to buy MPs to back Moldova on the European path

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