marți, 13 octombrie 2015

A message for all the inhabitants of Chisinau.

Tomorrow, October 14 is the day Chisinau. A city that I love him very much personally. Each time I discover new places in the city. I want the people of this city to take care and keep it clean. My great pain is related to making Chisinau Municipality Mayor, Mr Dorin Chirtoaca, this man destroy green spaces. Chisinau is recognized because of nature. He destroys everything. Instead parks appear very tall buildings. Mr. Chirtoaca to look a little over Prut. We in Romania discusses deforestation as an attack on national security. I refer to the illegal cutting. There are legal know how they make cuts Dorin Chirtoaca. Did I talk about the routes in Chisinau? I close with a sincere and warm Happy Birthday my dear city!

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