marți, 17 noiembrie 2015

A problem in Europe

The peace of Europe was destroyed (if one may say so) by a bloody terrorist attack. Europe was hit for the second time this year, by terrorists from the group called ISIS.
  The first attempt was that of Charlie Hebdo Released.
The second is much more bloody.
   A problem, perhaps not very important that Europe now has, I mean the European Union is the credibility with the countries seeking to join the European Union. We have already seen an increase in Euro-skepticism in Chisinau. I refer here to some people who were pro-European. I'm scared of the terrorist attack and threats from this group.
   The problem is that these terrorists can strike anywhere. They are not only a threat to the European Union. I saw that hit Russia. Can hit and Moldova. Can hit Ukraine, Romania, Belarus, etc.
     That must understand those who now have become skeptical. Terrorism is a global threat.
        I followed the G20 summit in Turkey. It drew attention to the fact that Russia was present there. Since the annexation of Crimea, Russia was suspended. Now was there, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama had a tete- a- tete.
This is very interesting.
     Now, now, it takes a great alliance against group called the Islamic State. A great alliance should cover, even if we do not like, and Russia and Turkey. I would say that even China and India. It should include all states.
    There must never forget what makes Russia to Ukraine. We must not forget the Russian challenges in Moldova. No way !
    Just think, for the moment, we must work together, I mean the European Union and the USA, Russia. That does not mean that we should be friends. Not ! Only now we have a common enemy.

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