vineri, 6 noiembrie 2015

Do not find empty square

You know I do not really like to write about politics in Romania. I prefer to write about politics in Chisinau. But I can not make a few comments on the behavior of the President of Romania. He announced that the market will go. A very good thing! The world would stand. In fact this had to do from the beginning. It was a mistake to call representatives of the protesters in the negotiations. Because few have been enormous. I do not know how many of those who were invited were real representatives. I mean, I saw some in the market. The problem is that Johannis did not specify the day and time. He said he does not want to show medatic. Very good ! That condition to go during the protests. That it can go day or after midnight. Then he can say it was, but there was none. We Romanians we have experiences of this kind. His predecessor promised in 2007 that it would return to the University Square. He never did.

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