miercuri, 19 octombrie 2016

Another bank, another nephew .

Another bank, another nephew . Corneliu Ghimpu took over as chairman of the bank "Victoriabank" This is another nephew of Mihai Ghimpu. Dragutanu, former governor of the National Bank of Moldova, is also a nephew of Mihai Ghimpu. Do you remember how he led the National Bank of Moldova? How he has resigned just prior to arrive delegation from the International Monetary Fund. Dorin Chirtoaca, mayor of Chisinau, is also a nephew of Mihai Ghimpu. Chisinau achievements are rather weak. Excuses hand with the communist legacy and Moscow do not really care about. People want results. The sidewalks look like after the war. It is true that many have begun to repave streets. But the way it builds and destruction of green spaces, especially now when the focus is on ecology, it's very serious

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