duminică, 16 octombrie 2016

Now I know some will upset me.

Now I know some will upset me. This is ! I can not be to everyone's liking. I see that some jumping for joy that Congress supports the unification of Moldova with Romania. I'm a bit more moderate. Why ? It is a decision taken in 1991. When I was a Soviet Union that was in collapse. That year was also disbanded Soviet Union. Then, if it was not Comrade Iliescu, could make the union. Now we have a completely different situation. We have a Russia that is increasingly adhensive. We have the situation in Syria. We see that Russia and the US fail to understand. Russian TV channels preparing the population for war. Do you think the US also wants a reason for conflict with Russia? I think not. Look in Ukraine. It speaks about the conflict in Ukraine? I see that. So I am not so happy

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