marți, 11 octombrie 2016

Small country, big problems

Now I know that everyone is paying attention to the US presidential election.But there is a small country, which is called the Republic of Moldova, and also has presidential elections. It has much more serious problems. It is one of the poorest countries.Moldova, a country that is geographically between Romania and Ukraine must choose between East and West.East means Russia. West means the European Union.The current government, which is pro-European, is one of the most corrupt. The problem is that citizens have the impression that the European Union is corrupt.It is a lie!
Moldova in the past was part of Romania. During the Second World War, the Soviet Union annexed from Romania these territories:
- Bessarabia (now part of it form the Republic of Moldova);
- North Bukovina;
- Herta.
In 1991, Moldova declared its independence. Some citizens want union with Romania.What is the danger? The danger is that presidential elections will be won by Igor Dodon, the candidate of the pro-Russian forces. It will be a danger both for NATO, EU, US, Romania and Ukraine.That's because it will be a new Russian enclave

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