luni, 28 august 2017

False struggle against Russian propaganda.

     A struggle against Russian propaganda is simulated in Chisinau. The simulation is done, of course, by Vlad Plahotniuc. That's because one of the stations belonging to Plahotniuc, is relaying an important channel from Moscow.
     Russian propaganda is growing stronger in Chisinau. Realitatea TV Moldova, no connection with the Romanian post, was bought by Igor Dodon. That means socialists still have a TV station. Accent TV, NTV Moldova and TNT were not enough. Of course, everything was done with Plahotniuc's consent. So the theater of struggle against propaganda is a joke.
    And, to be complete, the Independence Day concerts Polina Gagarina. I'm not saying he's not talented. But now she was not supposed to sing. Unless it was wanted to give a sign by the current government. A sign that they will take her to the sunrise.

sâmbătă, 26 august 2017

Who are the friends of the Republic of Moldova?

    Igor Dodon says friends are Russia and Turkey. I would not want to have such friends.
Why ? In Turkey, it is a dictatorial regime. Every civilized person is scared of what Erdogan does.
    NATO no longer has confidence in Turkey. NATO bases are no longer safe. How can someone who is attacking you be called a friend? The Russian army has been stationed on the Dniester since 1992. Initially they launched the Dniester War. Then came the "peace". Are they friends? "Friends" Dodon have killed Vadim Pisari.
     That is when Romania has repaired schools and kindergartens. He donated hundreds of minibuses to schools. Some have been used to transport people to various events organized by the socialists.
    Much of Moldovan products are sold in the European Union. In Romania's supermarkets and supermarkets you can find many products from the Republic of Moldova. Especially fruits, candies and wines.
      America and the European Union have invested heavily in road repairs. One of the most invested areas is Gagauzia. That's where Dodon made that statement.
   I heard that Turkey wants to repair the Presidential Palace, devastated in 2009. This is not an investment for the people. It's for Dodon's welfare.

Tomorrow is the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova.

Tomorrow is the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova. Theoretically, I should congratulate you. I will not do it basically. It is as if you were amputating a man's hand and then saying that that hand is a human body. But that hand does not even have your shoulder and fingers. Those were given to another body.
Is the Republic of Moldova an independent state? We have the Russian army present for over 20 years. We have couple Plaha-Dodo in power. That until Plaha gets rid of Dodo. Russian propaganda flourishes in the Republic of Moldova. We have more and more Russian televisions. Moldova does not want to get rid of Russian gas. The electric current comes from the Cuciurgan plant. Central office located in the territory controlled by the so-called authorities in Tiraspol. That's because the puppeteer has interests there So what independence?

joi, 24 august 2017

Dear Dodon

Dear Dodon, in your bath, when you sit on the toilet, you can sing anything !! But not in the Great National Assembly Square. Where is the opposition? Why do not Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase react? Where are the unionists? Why do not they react?

miercuri, 23 august 2017

luni, 21 august 2017

Independence or dependency?

   Independence or dependency?

   Within a few days the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova is celebrated. A state which, despite being independent, is increasingly dependent on Russia. They even chose a pro-Russian president. Theoretically they chose him. She actually chose Plahotniuc.
    The problem is that they can lose all they have gained during the national rebirth. It is now being discussed to return to the Cyrillic script. An important role in this issue is played by the famous Vasile Stati.
     That's how common people suffer more and more. I read recently that more and more people go abroad and give up the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. This should worry the Chişinău governors. The Republic of Moldova runs the risk of remaining a state without citizens.
     Nobody talks about the recovery of the billion. Some want to warm up the Transnistrian conflict. We have an increasingly active Gagauzia. Dodon will go to celebrate the day the Republic of Gagauzia was founded. A former unrecognized republic. Predator of ATU Gagauzia.
      People who are left are becoming more and more sad. Some are nostalgic after the USSR.
The young man wants to leave as soon as possible. Governance no longer speaks about European integration. Fighting corruption is just a mockery. Under this umbrella are all those who are Plahotniuc's opponents removed from the political scene. Or those whom Plahotniuc no longer needs.
         The presence of Romania, apart from the repairs of schools and kindergartens, is non-existent.
It is said that the Republic of Moldova is an independent state. But over 80% of the press is Russian. The Metropolitan Church of Chisinau and of Moldova belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch of Russia goes when he wants to Chisinau. When will Patriarch Daniel go?
      It would be a strong sign for the Romanians there.
I do not even want to talk about gas and electricity. The Moldovan language fiction is haunting the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.
    There are resuming the theses on creating a separate story. Dodon is struggling more and more aggressively for the creation of a large Moldavia. That means breaking off territories from Ukraine and Romania.
     All this happens to the detriment of an increasingly impoverished and hopeless population.

duminică, 20 august 2017

I prefer to die honestly

We are talking to a friend today about Moldova. I explain to him how things work there. We talked about Dodon and Plahotniuc. My friend asked me why I'm not going to work for Plahotniuc. A lot of people have suggested that it would be good if I worked for Plahotniuc. At least not to criticize him. Please forgive me ! I apologize for being honest in this world where everyone wants to steal. I prefer to die honestly. I can not work for such an individual. But everyone has free will and does what he wants.

3 days I was at a great congress.

3 days I was at a great congress. During yesterday, there was also talk of preventing rape. It was said that the best way is wearing decent clothes. That's how it is ! When you see some girls walking on the street. They have some clothes so you can see their intimate linen. That's if she's wearing intimate lingerie. Then they scream that they were raped

sâmbătă, 19 august 2017

Republic of Moldova S.R.L

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, signs to transform the country into a SRl. Of course he does so with the approval of Vlad Plahotniuc.
    I saw how the presidential administration's headquarters are used to promote the foundation created by his wife. It is very good that the first lady is involved in social projects. A gesture worth welcoming.
But he could very well do it from another building.
     Now he wants to hold a concert dedicated to the Soviet occupants. The concert will take place in the Great National Assembly Square. The place where Independence was proclaimed in 1991. Independence from the USSR.
     Who have holiday motives? Basarabian Romanians do not. Let us remember the waves of deportations from Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina.
      There are only reasons for those who came on tanks and mangroves. Those who support the existence of the Moldovan language.

joi, 17 august 2017

A woman committed suicide with her three childrens.

A woman committed suicide with her three childrens. As well as living in Romania, I believe that mass emigration or mass suicide is the only solution.

I have learned that Romania's external debt is alarming.

I have learned that Romania's external debt is alarming. I was born in 1986. I know how it was when the external debt was paid. Ceausescu, as he was, left us with external debt ZERO !!!!! We had a chance to be a rich country. Unfortunately, in 1990, we chose one who smiled nicely. We did not like Ratiu because he did not eat soy salami like us. Neither Coposu nor Campeanu. I have learned that the Vrancea seismic area is becoming more and more active. Dear Governors, I wish the great earthquake to come as soon as possible and catch you all in the meeting. Maybe the building breaks down on you and we are happy too.

miercuri, 16 august 2017

I am a great old man.

I am a great old man. Why ? A bookstore opened in town a few days ago. They call it a bookstore. I would just tell him the store. I went in and see what they got. Just school supplies. No books or CDs. I went to a supermarket in Săcele. There, on a shelf, there were some books. Great wonder! People did not even look at books. Next to me were some school-age children with their mother. I, like a fool of what I am, I was browsing a few books. Children were praying for their mother to buy them, I do not know what computer helmets. That's to hear better when playing a game. So I came to the sad conclusion that the Romanian is no longer reading. The Romanian has become a species that believes everything is told on television or on the internet. The brain has become a luxury item for us. We keep it like a bibel. How did we  keep the bibles during Ceausescu's time. It is talked about the opening of a Russian television in Romania. I am afraid that Russian propaganda will have a fulminating success in Romania.

luni, 14 august 2017

Racism is evil

Mr Trump, stop racism! America is the land of all possibilities. Everyone has the right to live. The color of the skin does not matter. Black people are wonderful. I love them. Racism is bad for everyone. I want a planet that all people can live on. Regardless of ethnicity, race, language, skin color. I want a happy planet. America is the country that is an example for the whole planet. STOP RACISM !!!!

At the end time

"At the end time, fornication will be on the high road, on the big day without any shame; Girls will have services to raise their feet for their bosses; There will be tears in all homes and worries for work, "says Father Argata

Who has the courage to contradict this priest? Great righteousness has! We see that we are living those times. That's exactly what the girls do.

sâmbătă, 12 august 2017

Bana her şeyi söylediğim tek arkadaşım ve bana

Bana her şeyi söylediğim tek arkadaşım ve bana ihanet etmeyeceğine eminim ki Allah'tır. Sadece herkesin ve ailenin sevgisine inanıyorum. Gerisi finansal çıkar. Kız para kazanmak için bir çıkmaza girer. Kızlar adamın parasını çok seviyorlar..

vineri, 11 august 2017

The world has serious problems

The world has serious problems. Two fools threaten each other with the nuclear war. If China intervenes, then it will be the Third World War. Romanian seismologists are alert. Vrancea can produce an earthquake of over 8 on the Richter scale. That while some continue to make crises on the Trianon theme. Awakening !! Do you think I'm going to sit down thinking about your crap when the nuclear war begins or when there's an earthquake?

joi, 10 august 2017

I ask for your help

I ask for your help. I want to publish my editorials in the United States. I've sent a lot of publications. Nothing! Who can help me ? I want something serious! That somebody else has been lying to help me and has done nothing. He just boasted.

The issue of a new conflict on the Dniester - Between reality and media manipulation.

Several days ago, a news stating that it would be a military challenge on August 5. In fact, nothing happened.
We, worldwide, are in a war of manipulation and false news. A psychological warfare. Everyone can fall victim to this war.
In this case, the agencies, press trusts and absolutely respectable portals fell victim.
But I do not exclude that this false news was aimed at testing or training the population at the mental level.
But what is the real situation? The head of state, who is also the supreme commander, is not in the country. Someone or something keeps him longer with holidays. The problem is that anyway Dodon would not give a warrant against the Russians. Defense Minister does not exist. Anatol Shalaru was dismissed a few months ago. They did not find a replacement. This is worse than in 1992. At least then they had a minister. The army would be clearly destabilized.
Dodon's socialists scream, in Parliament and on TV, against Romania. The problem is that he screams with his Romanian passport in his pocket. No socialist, of those with a Romanian passport, does not give up. Why ? Because they want to live well. To go on holidays in the European Union. But I lie to people and tell them what a good Customs Union is.
The geographical proximity of Romania is a great luck for them.For all the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova. This is because Romania is a member of the EU and NATO. Russia does not allow itself at the NATO border.
Because if, by mistake. Romania is attacked, this would mean activating Article 5
We have all seen what Donald Trump has just told a TVR journalist.
Plus, let's not forget that behind Transnistria is Ukraine. Russia would not have a military supply path

marți, 8 august 2017

The phenomenon of false news and the relations between the two Prut banks.

This phenomenon of false news encompassed the entire world. There is no country that is not invaded. Romania and the Republic of Moldova are two targets of false news. Here is a big problem.
Why ? We in Romania have little access to information beyond the Prut. There is another issue in Chisinau. We're talking about Russian propaganda.
Unfortunately, because we do not have much access to the information beyond the Prut. The false news is very fast to us.
Interestingly, sites with fake news have names and Internet domains similar to those of newspapers and television close to the opposition in the Republic of Moldova. Which makes me think that behind these sites would someone in power. You probably know who I'm thinking.
An impatient news to many people. . There it was said that at Vama Palanca there were found in a minibus 12 children who were taken for organ trafficking in Romania. Everyone started commenting. In reality, we are talking about a fake news. This false news appeared on a false news portal. A portal with a name similar to that of Jurnal TV.
Let me not talk about the case when TVR Moldova was involved. In fact, Traian Basescu has never been to TVR Moldova.
The serious problem is that, in the absence of reliable information and sources of information from Chisinau, those in Romania will believe that news is true.

luni, 7 august 2017

BREAKING NEWS !! Transylvania declared war to China.

Transylvania, a small country in Europe, declared war to  China. Ivan Sminov, president of Transylvania, said the Transylvanian army it is  capable of fighting against China. The President of Transylvania is sure their army will defeat China.  The reason for this war is the invasion of Chinese products that have destroyed the local economy. We do not know if Transylvania has nuclear missiles.

duminică, 6 august 2017

We live in a fake world

Do you wonder that there are fake news? We live in a fake  world. Smiles are fake . People are fake. In front they seem to be good people. In the back I rob you. Girls are fake. They are beautiful dolls with a kilogram of creams, lipsticks and mascara. Food is fake . Full of chemicals that kill us. The air is fake. We breathe polluted air. Feelings are fake.
This world is so fake that we can no longer figure out what's really true. Is there anything else true?

Unionists did not have access to the Marasesti ceremony.

Unionists did not have access to the Marasesti ceremony. However, it falls within the historical period of the Great Union. Instead, I saw Russian Ambassador Valery Kuzmin, defiantly wearing St. George's ribbon. This is Romania !

Love does not have nationality and ethnicity.

I see that many are now cursing Kelemen Hunor. Some thought I thought. Looks like I'm not. Do you know what the problem is? Kelemen Hunor is right. The Ungars do not even have celebrate  reasons. The more serious problem is that we, too, have no reason to celebrate. Hungary is full of highways. Those leading to Romania end in ....... field. That's because the Romanians did not continue. No one understood that Kelemen Hunor also hit Hungarian nationalism. There when he spoke about the Romanianization of the Hungarians. Scarecrow with the Hungarians is a good joke. For centuries, Romanians and Hungarians have lived together. I know a lot of cases of mixed marriages. Love does not have nationality and ethnicity. A few days ago, a lamp was lit in my house. I called my neighbor to repair my lamp. All my neighbors are Hungarian. Do you think I'm interested? Of course not ! My neighbors, when they had a wedding, called my father, God forgive him! , To stay watch until they return home. Why did they call him? Because they knew he was an honest man and not stealing. It did not matter that he was Romanian.Why do not we have celebrate  reasons? Because a large part of the territories that then formed Great Romania, we no longer belong to us.Please be nice to watch Hungarian TV stations. They take care of the Hungarian communities around Hungary. Good for them !TVR, with the exception of the Republic of Moldova, speaks little about the other Romanian communities around Romania.Let me not talk about the case of a renowned Romanian doctor in Cluj, who was forced to retire, although he does not have a substitute right now. That Romanian doctor is now working for the Hungarian government. I'm stopping here. I'd have more to say. I wait your swearing. Now, Orban is sure to pay me, that Plahotniuc and Soros have paid me enough.

About Centenary

It does not hurt me that Viktor Orban is campaigning against the Centenary. Viktor Orban is a powerful leader and experienced politician. It hurts me that the institutions of the Romanian state are striking at the Centenary. The newest example is TVR. Public television, which lives on our money, strikes in the Centenary. They think I'm doing okay. But they do a great deal of harm. Why ? They started a centenary campaign. A truncated campaign from the beginning. They talk about the Great Union, but they present the map of Romania now. It does not present the map of Romania. Show some cities in Romania. Absolutely nothing about Chişinău and Cernăuţi. We have to remember that the first province that united with the mother country was Bessarabia. The council of the country - March 27, 1918. Bucovina followed. The Centenary of the Great Union can not exist without Chisinau and Chernivtsi. If we Romanians do such fools, it means we deserve our fate.

I see Americans begin to comment and share what I write

I see Americans begin to comment and share what I write. This sounds good ! Maybe I'm going to be a star in America.

sâmbătă, 5 august 2017

But the Constitution does not defy anyone?

I read today that Dodon defies the Constitution and posts communiques only in Russian. This is a very serious thing. But the Constitution does not defy anyone? Sure ! The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova defies historical truth. There is still the Soviet fantasy called the Moldovan language. This is Article 13. This article, even if it was a pro-European government, has not been changed. That's because they're afraid of everything Romanian is.

Rogozin and Dodon

Two pigs Rogozin and Dodon met in Tehran. How did they get it? I know the people in Iran do not eat pigs.

My blog is getting more and more accessed in the United States

My blog is getting more and more accessed in the United States !!! Maybe I get to know America and find an opportunity to leave Romania. Maybe I will be a star. That's what I want! Fame, fame, fame, fame.

miercuri, 2 august 2017

Mircea Lucescu is the new coach of the national team

Mircea Lucescu is the new coach of the national team. Stay! Do not enjoy! He is the new coach of the Turkish national. That's because we're a shit country! We had to bring a selector who was unemployed for a few years. That while Mircea Lucescu is sought internationally.
We could not bring him a selector. He was our last chance. It seems to be something in our people's DNA. We can not respect our values. Enescu and Caragiale died abroad. This country, called Romania, goes from worse to worse. The only chance for a Romanian is to go abroad and get the hell out of here. I think only extraterrestrial (extraterrestrial) force can change the mentality of this people that seems to be doomed.

My editors only appear in the press in Chisinau

My editors only appear in the press in Chisinau. Unfortunately, the Romanian press is not interested in this topic. Very rarely appear on the Arad racquet. Otherwise I do not have access. Why am I sorry? Because strange things happen in Chisinau. Romania, here I refer especially to the population, it may awaken with a situation that it does not know. A situation where Romanians will be involved.
There are very few people who know and can explain what is happening in the Republic of Moldova. The only names that come to my mind are Dan Dungaciu and Iulian Chifu. These people are real specialists. I am not and I do not claim to be a specialist. I'm just a man who knows a little better than the rest of the situation in the area. The problem is that my opinions do not appear in the Romanian press. This is the problem. The population in Romania must be prepared.

Dmitri Rogozin was declared non-grata person in the Republic of Moldova.

Dmitri Rogozin was declared non-grata person in the Republic of Moldova. We should expect a strong response. My opinion is that there will be military challenges on the Dniester.

I'm writing English only

I'm writing English only. Why ? Because I want my opinions to be internationally known. I do not have a big blog traffic. I want fame, fame, fame, fame. That's money. To have any girl I want. Because with the girls I've already convinced how it works. You can comment on what you want With these girls on both sides of the Prut I have already convinced. Nobody and nothing can change my mind. All of them are the same.

I do not want to scare you

I do not want to scare you, but I think there will be a big earthquake in Romania.

What's wrong with Dodon?

Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova, is a promoter of integration into the Eurasian Union. But do not do it as intensely.
It gives clear signs of weakness. It is no longer as aggressive against  the European Union.
There is no talk of breaking the Association Agreement with the European Union. Why ? I think Dodon is beginning to realize that Russia has no more money. Russia is in crisis.
The main economic partner of the Republic of Moldova is the European Union. More specifically, it is about Romania. Did Russia repair schools and kindergartens? No!
This reminds me of Vladimir Voronin A few years ago, Vladimir Voronin threatened to make a revolution against integration into the European Union. After holding a discussion with Rogozin, Voronin nuanced his speech until he became pro-European
We should not be surprised if Dodon will change his speech Let's not wonder if we see a Dodon who supports EU integration.

marți, 1 august 2017

Will there be a military conflict between the United States and Russia?

We are witnessing an escalation of the conflict between the United States and Russia. An escalation that has not existed since the end of the Cold War. Putin hoped he could get along with Trump. What we see shows that both are equally unpredictable.
I'm afraid there will be a military conflict between the two powers. Where will it take place? Most likely, it will be in North Korea. This will mean the beginning of the Third World War. But we can not exclude countries like the Republic of Moldova. There is a frozen conflict there

There are 2 things I can not understand:

There are 2 things I can not understand:

- the political class in Chisinau;
- the girls.
These two things are an enigma to me.

The Transnistrian army is doing great exercises.

The Transnistrian army is doing great exercises. The President of the Republic of Moldova is not in the country. Moldova does not have, as far as I know, a Minister of Defense. Does the script sound like? At least in 1992 was General Ion Costaş. Defense Minister then.

What country is where the main concern is a shirt and a trouser?

What country is where the main concern is a shirt and a trouser? Did they recover the stolen billion? Did the problem of the Iasi-Ungheni pipeline solve? Is it Plahotniuc with Vlad Filat? No !!! I do not even talk about solving the Transnistrian conflict