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Independence or dependency?

   Independence or dependency?

   Within a few days the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova is celebrated. A state which, despite being independent, is increasingly dependent on Russia. They even chose a pro-Russian president. Theoretically they chose him. She actually chose Plahotniuc.
    The problem is that they can lose all they have gained during the national rebirth. It is now being discussed to return to the Cyrillic script. An important role in this issue is played by the famous Vasile Stati.
     That's how common people suffer more and more. I read recently that more and more people go abroad and give up the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. This should worry the Chişinău governors. The Republic of Moldova runs the risk of remaining a state without citizens.
     Nobody talks about the recovery of the billion. Some want to warm up the Transnistrian conflict. We have an increasingly active Gagauzia. Dodon will go to celebrate the day the Republic of Gagauzia was founded. A former unrecognized republic. Predator of ATU Gagauzia.
      People who are left are becoming more and more sad. Some are nostalgic after the USSR.
The young man wants to leave as soon as possible. Governance no longer speaks about European integration. Fighting corruption is just a mockery. Under this umbrella are all those who are Plahotniuc's opponents removed from the political scene. Or those whom Plahotniuc no longer needs.
         The presence of Romania, apart from the repairs of schools and kindergartens, is non-existent.
It is said that the Republic of Moldova is an independent state. But over 80% of the press is Russian. The Metropolitan Church of Chisinau and of Moldova belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch of Russia goes when he wants to Chisinau. When will Patriarch Daniel go?
      It would be a strong sign for the Romanians there.
I do not even want to talk about gas and electricity. The Moldovan language fiction is haunting the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.
    There are resuming the theses on creating a separate story. Dodon is struggling more and more aggressively for the creation of a large Moldavia. That means breaking off territories from Ukraine and Romania.
     All this happens to the detriment of an increasingly impoverished and hopeless population.

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