sâmbătă, 19 august 2017

Republic of Moldova S.R.L

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, signs to transform the country into a SRl. Of course he does so with the approval of Vlad Plahotniuc.
    I saw how the presidential administration's headquarters are used to promote the foundation created by his wife. It is very good that the first lady is involved in social projects. A gesture worth welcoming.
But he could very well do it from another building.
     Now he wants to hold a concert dedicated to the Soviet occupants. The concert will take place in the Great National Assembly Square. The place where Independence was proclaimed in 1991. Independence from the USSR.
     Who have holiday motives? Basarabian Romanians do not. Let us remember the waves of deportations from Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina.
      There are only reasons for those who came on tanks and mangroves. Those who support the existence of the Moldovan language.

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