duminică, 11 noiembrie 2018

My experience with Jehovah's Witnesses

 It all started two years ago. Immediately after my dad died.Jehovah's Witnesses came to us. The first time I did not want to receive them. They took advantage of our pain and began to manipulate us.I gave up harder. My mom succumbed immediately.
Everything seemed perfect. We have started a Bible study with Jehovah's Witnesses. Then we started to go to the Kingdom Hall. Then I started to see the misery of this organization. I started to see their true face.
I started to see that everything is a lie. A big lie. But I was silent. Discontents were gathering. I say that I am not baptized at Jehovah's Witnesses. At one point I could not take it any longer. I quarreled with them.My mom and I decided not to go to them anymore. The mother gave up, after a few weeks, and resumed meetings with Jehovah's Witnesses.
 Jehovah's Witnesses brought me to the threshold of suicide. They made psychological pressure on me. They called me all the time. I made a nervous breakdown.Now, after the mother resumed meetings with them, Jehovah's Witnesses began to convince my mother to take me out of the house. They want to take revenge on me and divide our family.
Paul Szasz  Sebeș from Romania