vineri, 19 iulie 2019

Republic of Moldova as a geopolitical polygon

The Republic of Moldova is going through some essential changes The new power has to make great reforms. To fix the injustices made by Plahotniuc. But one thing, for years, does not change. It's about Transnistria. That region that remained a miniature Soviet Union.
    As a thorn in the back of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. Russia no longer wants to federalize the Republic of Moldova. At least I do not call it that. Now I call it "a region with special status. I remind you that the one dealing with the Transnistrian region, Rogozin's replacement, is Dmitry Kozak. The same with the Kozak memorandum.
       The Republic of Moldova will be only a geopolitical testing polygon. If successful in Moldova, this scenario will be applied on a larger scale in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia does not recognize the two self-proclaimed republics, Donbas and Lugansk. However, they want to be declared regions with special status. This means that they will be able to influence, at Moscow's order, domestic and foreign policy
      I do not exclude the fact that this scenario is also being applied in Georgia. There we have the regions of Abkhazia and Ossetia. Frozen conflicts

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