duminică, 8 septembrie 2019

Bianca Andreescu

What I feel about Biancăi Andreescu's victory is a mixture of joy and sorrow. Joy because she is Romanian, born of Romanian parents, and she grumbles because her parents had to emigrate from Romania because of those who have ruled the country for 30 years All the international press praises her. He presents it as a great discovery. But she is presented as a Canadian citizen.It is, because she is born in Canada, but from Romanian parents.How beautiful it would have been to have been born in Romania. It would have been an additional reason for Romania to be praised internationally. I sincerely hope that the Romanian politicians do not start boasting about it as they do with Simona Halep. Not for Simona Halep, but especially for Bianca Andreescu, the Romanian state did absolutely nothing.

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