luni, 9 septembrie 2019

The beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin?

At the moment there are two strong leaders who have problems.
Erdogan and Putin.Their problems, in domestic politics, started because of local elections.
I mean those in Istanbul and Moscow. 
There they suffered very bad hits. These are very important for the two leaders. That's because it gives the opposition more strength. The population begins to take courage. This is a danger to dictators.The fact that Putin's party lost Moscow is a signal that we had to think about. It could mean that the end of Vladimir Putin is approaching.The problem is who will replace him. Because it could be a more dangerous one. No matter who it is, Russia's foreign policy will not change. It remains on the principles drawn by Peter the Great. Russia will never change. Because Russia, if it tries to change, will destroy itself. We just had to see which leader is starting to rise.Turkey is a special case. That's because Turkey, starting with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, has been a democratic country. Even Erdogan started as a democratic leader. He later became a dictator and overruled Ataturk's principles.

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