duminică, 8 decembrie 2019

What will be Trump's political future? Will he become a hero to the American people?

I honestly tell you that I personally don't like Trump as a politician. Trump has no idea about foreign policy. I think the decisions to withdraw the American army from the theaters of war are a big mistake. But no one is perfect. But I must admit that Trump has many qualities. He knows how to make money. It is a miracle that when the global economy shows signs of recession, the US economy is getting better. This is Trump's credit. Even CNN recognizes that the economic situation is getting better in the United States. I watch CNN, because in Romania it is the only American news station on cable, and I sincerely tell you that Richard Quest, Chatterley, Matt Egan and all the economic commentators out there recognize that the US economy is doing very well. Everything Democrats do against Trump, I mean the impeachment attempt, might turn against them. That will turn Trump into a hero. Why ? Because no country removes its leadership when it is good. And the economic situation clearly shows that the US is doing well now. This will turn Trump into a hero. The American people will defend him. Democrats make a big mistake. Paul Szasz Sebeș

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