luni, 17 august 2020

Who can stop Putin?

Now, as I write these lines, the situation in Belarus is quite unclear. The Chisinau press reports that Vladimir Putin is sending the National Guard to Belarus. That means a disguised Russian military intervention in Belarus. A new kind of "green men".
I am surprised that the Romanian press does not comment much on this. That's because this situation should alert us. Who or what can stop Putin from repeating the script in Chisinau? No one and nothing can stop him. Let's imagine that a political leader, not necessarily Igor Dodon, after big protests in Chisinau, asks for the help of the Russian Federation to calm the area. What will happen ? The "pacifiers" on the Dniester are a few kilometers away. I immediately arrive in Chisinau. Do you think they will stop only in Chisinau? They will reach the Prut. Consider the fact that from Iasi to Chisinau you take about 5 hours by car.
Of course they will not cross the Prut. Putin is not stupid. In Romania he works with gloves. Here he uses Russian propaganda and all those who believe.
Russian propaganda, often camouflaged, in the form of Christian sites in Chisinau. I mean so-called orthodox ste. That's because it catches Romanians.

Paul Szasz Sebeș

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