miercuri, 6 august 2014

Vladimir Putin is a dangerous leader, even for Russia

I noticed that Vladimir Putin begins to make mistakes, and still some large. He banned for a year importing Russian market of agri-food and raw materials from countries that have imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation. I see that he does not understand that Russia badly needs imports. I heard he wants to import from Latin America. Very good, but it would be much more expensive! It's distance and transport costs. That means it will sell more expensive. Not all the population will afford to buy. But if, God forbid, comes a great drought in Russia! How to handle Putin? Or give to be a drought in Latin America and the people there will no longer be able to help him? At this point the only ally of Putin's China. But if, in his madness, to disagree with China, it has the power to destroy it completely.

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