luni, 9 noiembrie 2015

Open letter to the leadership of CNA and TVR!

Dear management CNA and TVR,
I would draw your attention to a lack of public information made by the TVR 1. Now we see that everyone is in solidarity with Romania, especially Romanians working abroad, the main news bulletins at 20 o'clock absolutely no talking Bessarabian Romanians anything about that solidarity with us. Do not say that Moldovan people took to the streets in solidarity with those in Romania. Today, 8.11. 2015 was a unionist rally in Chisinau. The news bulletins did not speak at all. Bessarabian Romanians thought did not exist. Nothing is said to have donated blood for the wounded in club collective. It said only the news bulletins Moldova. Luck is that we can watch an hour and Romania accessible. The problem is that TVR 3 has little audience.The main news bulletins on TVR 1 did not say anything.
Before there was broadcasted show "The point today." A good political talk show conducted by Vitalie Gutu. Now with the new grid, this show is not broadcast in Romania. I'm wodering why ? No need to know what is happening to our brothers?
I must remind that TVR is a public television. We pay radio and TV fees. We have the right to information. We want to know why these things and we were not told the news bulletins. He spoke about the Romanians in Madrid, New York, Rome, London, but about those in Chisinau! I'm wodering why ?Regards,Paul Szasz- Sebes.

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