joi, 19 noiembrie 2015

Scared of initiative

Governor of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, freaked initiative Acting Minister of Defence, Anatol Salaru the Moldovan Armataa to parade the National Day of Romania in Bucharest. It says that this will lead to tensions between Comrat and Bucharest. She believes that this will lead to the destruction of Moldovan statehood. Someone should explain that the Moldovan army participation in this event does not mean anything! The Romanian Army participates in national days of other countries. That means we will unite those countries with Romania? Not ! I know that this lady would prefer to attend only the Moldovan army parades in Moscow.
   I must remember that the Governor of Gagauzia is a member of the Government. Irina Vlah was supported by PSRM to win this function. The method by which the Socialists came to power through the back door.
    Now Romania is not good? Let us remember that Romania has achieved a lot in Gagauzia Development Agency. Irina Vlah was present at the inauguration of these investments. So Romania is good only when she gives money. It is true that she has the courage to say that money is from Romania. Lucky was present and Ambassador of Romania.

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