vineri, 10 februarie 2017

Open letter about the situatian in Romania.

  Dear people from all  around the  world  ! The situation in Romania  it is very bad! Corruption is endemic !!!!  The fight against corruption must continue.The only chance for a better life is to leave the country. Romanian politicians lie.They want to take Romania back 20 years.At that time that they could steal without being investigated. Politically external, Romania was the only stable country in the region. In Ukraine it is war.Hungary and Serbia are the countries allied with Russia.Moldova and Bulgaria   have pro-Russian presidents. The main method by which Russia conquered power is corrupting politicians.Politicians talk about Romania's exit  from the European Union.
    They call it" ROMEXIT". Romanian politicians congratulate England for BREXIT.We, the youth of Romania, we do not see our future in Romania.Many young people leave Romania. They say they do not want to hear about this country.Let me tell you my story:I am a disabled person.I can not find a job.
Romanian state never gave me my rights.I have no disability pension. Why ? 
Because of corruption.I do not have hundreds of euros to pay bribes to doctors.I know people healthy but have disability pension. That's because paying bribes to doctors.Romania's situation goes from bad to worse.
      The only question is where to go? Many friends tell me to leave the country.I think the only solution is to leave the country or die. In Romania, if you are honest, you can not live.If you read this message, please believe me now when I write to you, I am very desperate.W e are the laughingstock of politicians

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