luni, 20 februarie 2017

Why is Romania a model for many countries?

Until now, there were only negative news about Romania.Anti-corruption protests have make  Romania to become a model for other countries.I'm talking about more powerful countries.Today were anti-corruption protests in France. A few weeks ago were anti-corruption protests in Bulgaria.
  There were small anti-corruption protests in Moldova. In this country, Moldova, corruption is endemic.Romania is the only pro-NATO and pro-EU country  in the area.Hungary have a prime minister, Viktor Orban, who is a friend of Vladimir Putin. Serbia, which is not a member of EU and NATO, has good relations with Russia.  In Ukraine is war. Ukraine faces a big problem.
It is about lack of coal.Ukrainian coal mines are in the area controlled by separatists.Therefore, there is a danger that Ukraine remain without electricity.
Right  now, when I write, are violent protests in Kiev. In Bulgaria  was elected , last year, a pro-Russian president. Igor Dodon, a pro-Russian politician, was elected president in Moldova. Moldova is a special case.
   Why ? Because there corruption and justice, have only one name. This name is Vlad Plahotniuc. The most powerful oligarch. This man is so strong that appoints ministers and prime ministers in its sole discretion.
   Moldova is a case which, I hope, I will analyze in  several articles.
Why  does it is important fight against corruption ? Because corruption is a factor that can destabilize a country. I'm talking in particular about high-level corruption. That is a weapon used by Russia. The corruption of politicians.
   In Romania are high-level politicians , all wwith  problems and investigated for corruption, talking about Romania's withdrawal from the European Union.
   Some of them congratulates England for BREXIT. Romania's exit from the European Union would be fatal for Romania.   Romanians protest for a better life in  Romania The National Anticorruption Directorate does its job perfectly. Big names in politics are investigated or arrested. Romania. 
      That is why politicians do everything possible to not to go to jail.
They make laws and ordinances whereby they steal legally.Therefore Romanians revolt. Because politicians want to bring Romania back 20 years. Then they stole quietly. Nobody  control them. Romania was not a member of EU and NATO. That was 20 years ago. Romanian people was the only one who dared to protest heavily against corruption.
   There were protests,  in several cities, attended by about half a million people. That made the Romanian people to be a model for other nations.
 Many foreigners respect us for courage.

What is the connection between corruption in Romania and corruption in Moldova?  Social-Democratic Party of Romania, who is in government, is allied with the Democratic Party  of Moldova. The Democratic Party of Moldova is led by Plahotniuc. 
This is the connection.

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