sâmbătă, 17 iunie 2017

Everyone laughs at Romania

We have come to the laughter of the world !!! Everyone laughs at Romania. That's because Romania can not be a normal country. I do not mean simple people here. I mean the governors. We all laugh at us. Romania is the only country where the ruling party files a censure motion on the dismissal of its own government. Can you believe it? You say these individuals have escaped from the madhouse. We also had a moment of brilliance. The President of Romania was received by the President of America. But our politicians, with a little help from the sunrise, pulled us back into shit. It's like we never get out of this national shit anymore. Too bad that God has endowed us with wonderful landscapes. But we have some leaders ... I would be curious to make a survey now in Moldova. I wonder if there are so many unionists there. I am afraid not. Why ? Our brethren across the Prut see very well what is happening to us. Not even Plahotniuc is able to do that. I am absolutely sure that Russian propaganda has stepped up its fight against us on this issue. Thank you, dear governors!

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