duminică, 4 iunie 2017

Stop the world, I really want to get down!

Stop the world, I really want to get down! A new terrorist attack. I'm tired of so many attacks. It's becoming commonplace. I am also tired of those who blame religion for some madmen. Religion is not to blame for the fact that some commit crimes in the name of religion. Let's not forget that we too have our legionnaires. I'm sick of the wickedness of the world. You rarely find a man to help you disinterested. If I could, I would go to a distant galaxy and create a world of mine there. But I can not. Does not this world really have a chance? Maybe there should be a planetary disaster. Maybe that's how we change. Maybe that's how we get better. Selfishness is alarming. We're not interested anymore. The others can die. We live. Everything is made of interest. We, those who do something disinterested, are weird and weird. I'm sick of this world. This is to paraphrase a famous journalist from Cluj.

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