luni, 31 iulie 2017

Does Russia want to get rid of Plahotniuc?

Dmitry Rogozin's new statements are surprising. He said that the Government of the Republic of Moldova is under the control of the oligarch Plahotniuc. Have they now figured out? Certainly not !
      It seems that Plahotniuc has disturbed the Russians. We do not know what. Let's not forget that Plahotniuc helped Igor Dodon, a pro-Russian politician, to become president. It seems to Plahotniuc that his plans are gone.
      He's still trying to find help in America. It is trying to resolve the Transnistrian conflict. Nobody wants this. It hurts the Russians here.
      Such statements should give us much thought. Let's not forget that Dodon will meet with Rogozin in Tehran. This meeting will not bring anything good for the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

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