miercuri, 26 iulie 2017

Why is Romania silent?

Igor Dodon strikes non-stop in Romania. Search for any reason to attack Romania. He wants to forbid the union forces by law. Dodon does not realize that by doing so will make unionism good.
Romania has repaired the children's kindergarten from Igor Dodon's home town. Dodon tried to conceal this by a lie.
Now there is a fierce fight for the promotion of Moldovan language and history. The renowned Vasile Stati returned to the foreground. There is a problem of returning to the Cyrillic script. Not even Voronin has gone so far. These things are not spoken in Romania.
Igor Dodon will decorate the Russian soldiers and the "pacifiers" on the Dniester. Will he also be the one who killed Vadim Pisari?
The Centenary of the Great Union is a fantasy in Romania. That, while in Chisinau, in contrast, the Stephen the Great and the Holy Year was decreed in 2018. This is not a coincidence. Stefan cel Mare is buried on the current territory of Romania. This part of the territory is targeted in the project "Moldova Mare"
This action is well synchronized with that in Budapest. I mean Trianon. The Republic of Moldova is a powder barrel. Rogozin will make a new visit these days. Those in Romania rarely visit. I mean the country's leadership. The problem is that even then they make big mistakes.
Evidence that they do not have good counselors on this issue.Romania is still swallowing blows from Igor Dodon. Of course these blows are coordinated from Moscow. Why is the Bucharest authorities silent? I have not seen the diplomatic answers given in Bucharest. The Romanian media does not talk much about Moldovan issues. With the exception of Mr. Dungaciu and Chifu, true specialists, we do not have informed opinion makers on the theme of the Republic of Moldova. People to explain to ordinary people what's going on there, We only have a Telejurnal from TVR Moldova. It's a shame we do not have a daily radio at an acceptable time. There are no TV stations in Chisinau on cable companies. In Romania, the Republic of Moldova continues to be a great unknown. I'm wodering why ?
We might be surprised at the border. Surprises for which neither the state nor the population will be ready. Dodon is increasingly aggressive. Romania needs to answer, diplomatically, and prepare the population through the media for what will happen.
Russia threatens a cloud of war on the Dniester. We do not know if it will happen. But what will Romania do if it happens?
What will it do if, in the case of a war on the Dniester, the population beyond the Prut will ask for union? Are Romanians mentally prepared for this?
Why is Romania silent?

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