sâmbătă, 29 iulie 2017

Will there be a new conflict in the Republic of Moldova?

Today (Friday) was a tense day. Russia is escalating the tensions caused by them too. Dmitry Rogozin knew very well that the airplane would not be able to fly over Romania's airspace. He did it intentionally. Then he made a cheap circus. He accused Romania of jeopardizing the life of the passengers on the plane. The one who did this was just him.
Immediately, Igor Dodon held a press briefing. He attacked Romania in a mournful style. He said he would call on his supporters to fight against the Romanians. Do you know what that means? Civil war in which Romania will be indirectly involved. Probably here is going to get there. Then Igor Dodon will call on the Russian Army on the Dniester.
There is a growing number of pro-Romanians in the Republic of Moldova. Some are real. Unfortunately these are few. Most are used. That's because I see that the Republic of Moldova will not be able to integrate into the EU as an independent state. That's not to talk to pro-Russians who have a Romanian passport. Looks like Dodon would have.
Such statements should alert us. Especially since the year 2018 is coming. Centenary of the Union. Russia and Hungary do anything to destabilize the situation in the area. We risk awakening that we are neighbors with a large Transnistria.

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