duminică, 6 august 2017

About Centenary

It does not hurt me that Viktor Orban is campaigning against the Centenary. Viktor Orban is a powerful leader and experienced politician. It hurts me that the institutions of the Romanian state are striking at the Centenary. The newest example is TVR. Public television, which lives on our money, strikes in the Centenary. They think I'm doing okay. But they do a great deal of harm. Why ? They started a centenary campaign. A truncated campaign from the beginning. They talk about the Great Union, but they present the map of Romania now. It does not present the map of Romania. Show some cities in Romania. Absolutely nothing about Chişinău and Cernăuţi. We have to remember that the first province that united with the mother country was Bessarabia. The council of the country - March 27, 1918. Bucovina followed. The Centenary of the Great Union can not exist without Chisinau and Chernivtsi. If we Romanians do such fools, it means we deserve our fate.

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