luni, 28 august 2017

False struggle against Russian propaganda.

     A struggle against Russian propaganda is simulated in Chisinau. The simulation is done, of course, by Vlad Plahotniuc. That's because one of the stations belonging to Plahotniuc, is relaying an important channel from Moscow.
     Russian propaganda is growing stronger in Chisinau. Realitatea TV Moldova, no connection with the Romanian post, was bought by Igor Dodon. That means socialists still have a TV station. Accent TV, NTV Moldova and TNT were not enough. Of course, everything was done with Plahotniuc's consent. So the theater of struggle against propaganda is a joke.
    And, to be complete, the Independence Day concerts Polina Gagarina. I'm not saying he's not talented. But now she was not supposed to sing. Unless it was wanted to give a sign by the current government. A sign that they will take her to the sunrise.

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