duminică, 6 august 2017

Love does not have nationality and ethnicity.

I see that many are now cursing Kelemen Hunor. Some thought I thought. Looks like I'm not. Do you know what the problem is? Kelemen Hunor is right. The Ungars do not even have celebrate  reasons. The more serious problem is that we, too, have no reason to celebrate. Hungary is full of highways. Those leading to Romania end in ....... field. That's because the Romanians did not continue. No one understood that Kelemen Hunor also hit Hungarian nationalism. There when he spoke about the Romanianization of the Hungarians. Scarecrow with the Hungarians is a good joke. For centuries, Romanians and Hungarians have lived together. I know a lot of cases of mixed marriages. Love does not have nationality and ethnicity. A few days ago, a lamp was lit in my house. I called my neighbor to repair my lamp. All my neighbors are Hungarian. Do you think I'm interested? Of course not ! My neighbors, when they had a wedding, called my father, God forgive him! , To stay watch until they return home. Why did they call him? Because they knew he was an honest man and not stealing. It did not matter that he was Romanian.Why do not we have celebrate  reasons? Because a large part of the territories that then formed Great Romania, we no longer belong to us.Please be nice to watch Hungarian TV stations. They take care of the Hungarian communities around Hungary. Good for them !TVR, with the exception of the Republic of Moldova, speaks little about the other Romanian communities around Romania.Let me not talk about the case of a renowned Romanian doctor in Cluj, who was forced to retire, although he does not have a substitute right now. That Romanian doctor is now working for the Hungarian government. I'm stopping here. I'd have more to say. I wait your swearing. Now, Orban is sure to pay me, that Plahotniuc and Soros have paid me enough.

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