miercuri, 2 august 2017

My editors only appear in the press in Chisinau

My editors only appear in the press in Chisinau. Unfortunately, the Romanian press is not interested in this topic. Very rarely appear on the Arad racquet. Otherwise I do not have access. Why am I sorry? Because strange things happen in Chisinau. Romania, here I refer especially to the population, it may awaken with a situation that it does not know. A situation where Romanians will be involved.
There are very few people who know and can explain what is happening in the Republic of Moldova. The only names that come to my mind are Dan Dungaciu and Iulian Chifu. These people are real specialists. I am not and I do not claim to be a specialist. I'm just a man who knows a little better than the rest of the situation in the area. The problem is that my opinions do not appear in the Romanian press. This is the problem. The population in Romania must be prepared.

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