marți, 8 august 2017

The phenomenon of false news and the relations between the two Prut banks.

This phenomenon of false news encompassed the entire world. There is no country that is not invaded. Romania and the Republic of Moldova are two targets of false news. Here is a big problem.
Why ? We in Romania have little access to information beyond the Prut. There is another issue in Chisinau. We're talking about Russian propaganda.
Unfortunately, because we do not have much access to the information beyond the Prut. The false news is very fast to us.
Interestingly, sites with fake news have names and Internet domains similar to those of newspapers and television close to the opposition in the Republic of Moldova. Which makes me think that behind these sites would someone in power. You probably know who I'm thinking.
An impatient news to many people. . There it was said that at Vama Palanca there were found in a minibus 12 children who were taken for organ trafficking in Romania. Everyone started commenting. In reality, we are talking about a fake news. This false news appeared on a false news portal. A portal with a name similar to that of Jurnal TV.
Let me not talk about the case when TVR Moldova was involved. In fact, Traian Basescu has never been to TVR Moldova.
The serious problem is that, in the absence of reliable information and sources of information from Chisinau, those in Romania will believe that news is true.

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