miercuri, 2 august 2017

What's wrong with Dodon?

Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova, is a promoter of integration into the Eurasian Union. But do not do it as intensely.
It gives clear signs of weakness. It is no longer as aggressive against  the European Union.
There is no talk of breaking the Association Agreement with the European Union. Why ? I think Dodon is beginning to realize that Russia has no more money. Russia is in crisis.
The main economic partner of the Republic of Moldova is the European Union. More specifically, it is about Romania. Did Russia repair schools and kindergartens? No!
This reminds me of Vladimir Voronin A few years ago, Vladimir Voronin threatened to make a revolution against integration into the European Union. After holding a discussion with Rogozin, Voronin nuanced his speech until he became pro-European
We should not be surprised if Dodon will change his speech Let's not wonder if we see a Dodon who supports EU integration.

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