sâmbătă, 26 august 2017

Who are the friends of the Republic of Moldova?

    Igor Dodon says friends are Russia and Turkey. I would not want to have such friends.
Why ? In Turkey, it is a dictatorial regime. Every civilized person is scared of what Erdogan does.
    NATO no longer has confidence in Turkey. NATO bases are no longer safe. How can someone who is attacking you be called a friend? The Russian army has been stationed on the Dniester since 1992. Initially they launched the Dniester War. Then came the "peace". Are they friends? "Friends" Dodon have killed Vadim Pisari.
     That is when Romania has repaired schools and kindergartens. He donated hundreds of minibuses to schools. Some have been used to transport people to various events organized by the socialists.
    Much of Moldovan products are sold in the European Union. In Romania's supermarkets and supermarkets you can find many products from the Republic of Moldova. Especially fruits, candies and wines.
      America and the European Union have invested heavily in road repairs. One of the most invested areas is Gagauzia. That's where Dodon made that statement.
   I heard that Turkey wants to repair the Presidential Palace, devastated in 2009. This is not an investment for the people. It's for Dodon's welfare.

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