marți, 26 septembrie 2017

History will judge us

What is happening now in Ukraine is absolutely horrible. Poroshenko proves to be worse for the Romanians than Yanukovych. Ukrainian nationalism is fierce. They sent thousands of Romanians to fight in the war in eastern Ukraine. Why ? Was it their war? No! Now the destruction of all minorities is being pursued. Romanians in Ukraine feel abandoned and betrayed. They are right! The political class in Bucharest is not interested in them. They, the Romanians in Ukraine, do not feel that they have a force behind them to defend them.
Today began theend of  Poroshenko regime. It was the drop that filled the glass Vladimir Putin, with the help of Viktor Orban, will lead a strong international campaign. Putin  has something. Russian propaganda will be very active. The European Union will no longer see Poroshenko for good. What should Romania do? Do not be silent! The problem of Romanians in Ukraine must be known, especially now, at the international level. It is particularly serious! History will judge us! I would not want them to judge us as cowards who abandon their brothers. Now, more than ever, we have to press. That's how it can not be. Romania is an example of minority rights. Including the Ukrainian minority. On the contrary, the Romanians in Ukraine were given almost all rights. What do the Romanian governors do? Looks like he does. The reactions in Bucharest are very weak. Romania should impose itself. Romania provides the cyber security of Ukraine. How do we thank them? We destroy the Romanian communities in Ukraine. This is the true face of the pro-European Poroshenk

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