luni, 25 septembrie 2017

Who else do they trick?

It seems that the socialists have many naïve sympathizers. People who still believe that Igor Dodon is a good boy. He called people in the street to protest against the government. It seems that Chisinau is trying to change power through riots. Here I am not talking about DA Platform protests. I refer to PSRM sympathizers. Threat with a new conflict on the Dniester. Which is unlikely to be anymore. That's because it would be too close to the NATO and EU borders.
  Russia would not agree a military conflict here. He would lose. Russia is more focused on North Korea. Playing globally.
    The reality about the protests is that Dodon wants to remove the DA Platform. He is a fake anti-Plahotniuc fighter. He wants to demigrate this fight. Dodon is nothing more than a puppet of Plahotniuc. Marian Lupu was withdrawn from the race in favor of Dodon. Plahotniuc invented a false opposition to replace the true opposition.

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