joi, 30 noiembrie 2017

Romania is a big madhouse

Romania is a big madhouse. The problem is that this hospital has no doctors. You should enter the country to write, "Welcome to Madness Hospital". I knew that until now, the main occupation of this people was the puppet of relics. Irrigation? We do not need this! We bring an icon to the field and pray for it. Now I saw how our Romanians went to Oana Zavoranu's clothes. They stood at the reek of relics. I have come to the conclusion that this people will never heal again. We deserve the fate and leaders we have.

luni, 27 noiembrie 2017

What about this world?

What about this world? We're getting poorer. The actress Cristina Stamate died. Values die. What a pity Iliescu feels good about. He does not give any sign to give the corner.

duminică, 26 noiembrie 2017

The truth about Nicolae Dabija's project.

The truth about Nicolae Dabija's project.

I spent a lot of time wondering if I should write the truth. I do this in memory of the late Lorin Fortuna. I'm doing it for the world to know the truth. It had been a while since his grandmother died. I have the impression one year after. I'm calling Lorin Fortuna. His eternal "I salute you, sir!" That's despite the big difference in age. She could be my grandfather. A real fighter. Those who met him can confirm. He tells me that he has a project on the union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania and that he wants to analyze it myself. He knew I had public editorials on the subject and demanded my opinion as an expert. I had the material on the mail and I told her where it was wrong and what to correct. That's how the final version came out. I also sent the material where I could. It's also published on a site. He also sent the material to many. One of the people who received the material is Nicolae Dabija. Within a few months I see the material in Flacara magazine. Surprise !!!!!!!!! Author, Nicolae Dabija. Nothing about us! He boasted that he presented his wonderful plan to Timofti. I mean, in the original material I also appear among the authors. Though I did not do much. That's the truth about Dabija's plan.

sâmbătă, 25 noiembrie 2017

What kind of nation are we?

Even Stela Popescu did not die well, that the televisions are already talking about who will put her hand on her inheritance. What kind of nation are we? We really can not be normal people at the head? I think instead of a mega-cathedral we should make a mega-hospital of madmen.

Nothing Christian is no longer on the Christmas holiday.

Nothing Christian is no longer on the Christmas holiday. Everything is commercial The main character is Santa Claus. No one talks about Jesus or God anymore. Everybody walks after decorations and gifts. It's like a group of friends celebrate your birthday, but they do not care about you. They do not even mention you. But they say they celebrate your birthday.

vineri, 24 noiembrie 2017

Who controls TVR?

Who controls TVR? On TVR 3, Russian films are broadcast every Saturday. Movies provided with the support of the Russian Cultural Center. An organization created and funded directly by the Kremlin. Also on TVR 3, within the program dedicated to ethnic Ukrainians, it was talked about joining Bucovina to Romania. The union term was not used at all.
It seems Putin is starting to play in Romania.

joi, 23 noiembrie 2017


Now, when the Romanians on both sides of the Prut are in mourning, I think the great artist Gheorghe Urschi. A very little known actor in Romania. A genius of comedy. His words are valid for the current government in Chisinau.

luni, 20 noiembrie 2017

The comedy is over

The masquerade on the referendum on the dismissal of Chirtoaca is over. The result is clear !! Socialists lost in Chisinau. Too much money. Those millions will also be paid by people.
     People have shown that I do not believe in the lies of the socialists. They're already sick of lies. Who voted? Nostalgic speakers of Russian language. Retired. The suburb, as always, saved everything. Here was a geopolitical confrontation. A confrontation from which, surprisingly, he won the Romanian language. The character of the day is Ana Nichita. The one who gave the ballot to Dodon. He had the extraordinary courage to tell Dodon that he is Romanian. . She's the character of the day. I'm sure we'll hear about it in politics. He has a lot to say.
    It seems that the Socialists fail to understand that they will not have Chisinau. It would have been very serious to lose Chisinau. What will they do? I'm sure they will not stop here. But that's for our sake. It could mean the beginning of the end for PSRM.