duminică, 26 noiembrie 2017

The truth about Nicolae Dabija's project.

The truth about Nicolae Dabija's project.

I spent a lot of time wondering if I should write the truth. I do this in memory of the late Lorin Fortuna. I'm doing it for the world to know the truth. It had been a while since his grandmother died. I have the impression one year after. I'm calling Lorin Fortuna. His eternal "I salute you, sir!" That's despite the big difference in age. She could be my grandfather. A real fighter. Those who met him can confirm. He tells me that he has a project on the union of the Republic of Moldova with Romania and that he wants to analyze it myself. He knew I had public editorials on the subject and demanded my opinion as an expert. I had the material on the mail and I told her where it was wrong and what to correct. That's how the final version came out. I also sent the material where I could. It's also published on a site. He also sent the material to many. One of the people who received the material is Nicolae Dabija. Within a few months I see the material in Flacara magazine. Surprise !!!!!!!!! Author, Nicolae Dabija. Nothing about us! He boasted that he presented his wonderful plan to Timofti. I mean, in the original material I also appear among the authors. Though I did not do much. That's the truth about Dabija's plan.

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