vineri, 9 februarie 2018

Start cleaning the Romanians?

Something's happening in Chisinau. It seems to be the beginning of a dictatorship. The Plahotniuc - Dodon binomial regime (this is to quote Professor Dan Dungaciu) seems to be worse than the Voronin regime The Romanians are being purged of important posts. The fight against the Romanians is already on the faces.
The most eloquent example is that of Mrs. Ana Gutu, First Deputy ULIM and Vice-President of the PUN (National Unity Party). She was forced to resign from ULIM.
That's because of political visions. Moldova seems to be moving towards dictatorship. Mrs. Ana Gutu is now unemployed.
A more interesting case is related to 10TV Moldova. A pro-Romanian television station. I am not a fan of this post. That for many reasons. However, I think this post must exist. It is intended to close the job. That's when nobody connects with Russian televisions. There are clear signs that this is the beginning of a dictatorship. I fear, however, that Romania will be taken unprepared and will not know how to respond to the attacks. coming from Moscow via Chisinau.

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