luni, 18 februarie 2019

The regional context in Eastern Europe

The regional context in Eastern Europe will change radically. This is especially because Germany, because of Trump's policy, is starting to talk about a better relationship with Russia. That means Russia will be stronger
    We'll see all of this soon. That's because the elections are in the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. In the Republic of Moldova, however optimistic we may, only a miracle can make the elections win pro-European. Why ? Because they are very divided. It is shared between pro-Europeans, A.C.U.M., and unionists. Unionists, ie PL, PDA, PNL, are in turn divided. Pro-Russian forces are not divided. Time is very short. Parliamentary elections will be on February 24th. It is a danger that, no matter who will win the election, to witness massive protests. If they win those from  A.C.U.M., the protests will be organized by Dodon's socialists. This will happen the other way around. Let's not forget that this year is 10 years since the April 7, 2009 events.
     The situation is much worse in Ukraine. There will be presidential elections next month. Ukraine is on a large barrel with powder. The creation of the new Ukrainian Orthodox Church, separate from the Russian Orthodox Church, does more harm. This could lead to the expansion of the Ukrainian conflict. Interestingly, the Russian Orthodox Church, I refer to the part of the clergy in Ukraine that belong to it, is much stronger in the Romanian regions. Why ? Because it allows them to serve religious service in Romanian. Let us not forget that Ukraine, as it claims to be pro-European, proves to be, at least in terms of the Romanian minority, much worse than Russia. We see how to close the Romanian schools. The fear of the Romanians, rightly right there, is that the new Ukrainian Orthodox Church will no longer allow them to have religious services in Romanian

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