duminică, 31 martie 2019

A new political crisis in Moldova?

I do not know what a curse fell on this piece of land called the Republic of Moldova, but since the proclamation of independence, August 27, 1991, there have been many political and economic crises. Let's not forget the 1992 war.
   It seems that the series of political and economic crises does not stop. Everyone hoped that the February parliamentary elections would clarify the situation. The problem is that these choices have made the situation worse. That's because no political force has enough parliamentarians to form the new government. The pro-European opposition, which has run as the electoral bloc  ACUM (  I refer to the PAS Party and the PPDA ),    gives clear signs of changing the message. They won votes with messages against oligarch Plahotniuc and Moldovan President Igor Dodon.
    The strange thing is that Igor Dodon, a president who is pro-Russian, gives signs of nuance to his speech on relations with Russia.
    All this happens in the context of early parliamentary elections. That's because nobody can form a new government. Early parliamentary elections will not bring anything good. The results will be the same. The only solution is an understanding for government formation.
   This even if it brings a new big disappointment. Just as it was in 2005. Then PPCD, which was the main opposition and pro-Romanian opposition party, made an alliance with the Communist Party to elect President of the Republic of Moldova the Communist Vladimir Voronin (who was the president between 2001 and 2009).
  Too bad people will have a new disappointment.

  Paul  Szasz Sebeș

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