joi, 24 octombrie 2019

Octavian Țîcu wants to run for president

I have said it, many times, and I keep saying: Octavian Țîcu had to be the candidate of the A.C.U.M Bloc in the position of mayor of Chisinau. He could defeat Ceban in the first round. Now we can only fight and hope that Andrei Nastase. Octavian Țicu, as mayor of Chisinau from NOW, was a good candidate for president. I'm sorry the people in the A.C.U. Bloc marginalized him. They lost a very good man. Andrei Nastase had to remain minister.
     They lost a man who could save the A.C.U.M. That's what they'll see next year. Octavian Ț could not be a good candidate for Dodon. Now I don't want to accuse anyone and say that they probably agreed with Dodon to remove him.
    I hope that Mr. Octavian Țîcu will become a force in Chisinau politics.

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