luni, 28 octombrie 2019

What is happening in the Republic of Moldova?

I note with concern that the situation in the Republic of Moldova is deteriorating with each passing day. The world no longer feels safe. The number of attacks is constantly increasing. I saw people attacked right in the center of Chisinau. What if, where all the state institutions are, you are no longer safe, then in the rest of the country?
    What does the current government do? I notice that he doesn't do much in this regard. That is what I say with great regret. I heard that in the 90s there were such cases. At the same time, the pension was paid once a few months. I hope he won't come back to this situation. Since Voronin, such cases have not happened much. Plahotniuc, a very harmful character, did not allow this to happen. Control the situation.
    I am very afraid that the current government will succeed in making the world regret Plahotniuc. That won't be good for them.

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