miercuri, 1 iulie 2020

My story or how I came to know God.

My story or how I came to know God.
First of all, please understand that this is my life and refrain from commenting or criticizing my decision. If I was wrong, as many of you probably think, I will burn myself and I will answer to God, not you.
I cared a lot, I talk about the past, a lot about a girl. I helped her a lot. I felt sorry for her for having leukemia. I really know what disease and suffering are. But at the age of 33, in the autumn I turn 34, I also hoped that I would start a family and that I finally found a serious girl. But it didn't turn out that way, I was just a new victim. And I was used and thrown away like a rag. But then, suffering, I decided not to look for a girl, but to look for God. I asked for a Bible study from the Baptist pastor Vasile Filat from the Republic of Moldova. He told me that I must find a church to join. That's how I got to Speranța Baptist Church in Brașov. I did not give up looking for a wife, I just want her to be a true Christian and I really do not want her to be from the Republic of Moldova because I burned myself with them.

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